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Meetings & Chats

Create unlimited Virtual Classrooms and have Video sessions without any time limits. Send group and direct text messages as you do in regular messengers


Create Invoices, email them to the Clients, track views. Supports multiple items and discounts

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It's easy to start with Catchapp. Just follow simple steps below.

Set Up
Register via email for free. It takes just a moment. Next create your first Classroom.
Invite Your Clients
Simply add your Clients by email. Do not have Clients yet? Use CRM to track all your leads and convert them into Clients.
Host Sessions & Chat
You can have unlimited Video Sessions alongside with group and direct messaging. Schedule recurring and single events.
Get Paid
Send Invoices and track your payments using CRM module.











everage duration


Manage your Leads and Clients. Add Notes, schedule tasks and stay notified. Simple CRM that covers 99% of your day-to-day needs

And even more

Catchapp includes everything to run business remotely. Sing Up and check it yourself

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Mobile app

Install the mobile app on you phone or tablet and join virtual classrooms from anywhere

We Serve Different Businesses

This list just keeps on going


Are you experiencing difficulties switching to online classes mode? With Catchapp you are finally able to have high quality lessons online


Are you an insurance broker, lawyer or other professional who needs a solution to share your expertise with others? We have everything you need


Do you have an audience and need a tool to monetize it? Here we are! You can do masterclasses, send invoices, manage your schedule in one place. It's easy, just try!


Having a hard time switching your Clients to online training sessions? Now you can manage all of your groups and have workouts online.


Can you imagine working with clients, managing leads, holding sessions, billing and tracking payments at the very same place? We are ready to help! Handle everything easily with Catchapp services


Are you a professional in a different field? You surely now more than ever need to keep in touch with your clients (individuals or groups), and make it enjoyable experience! Chat, call and manage everything in one place using Cathapp

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Emery Curtis
English Teacher
San Francisco, USA

A few words about Catchapp

We've built Catchapp keeping one simple idea in mind - to support you in running business online. Nowadays, a lot of businesses have to close down or change their business models from physical setting to online. There is a great set of tools like Zoom, Quickbooks and different messengers that you may find useful. However, their infrastructure is typically built around just one core feature. It means you have to use many of such tools to support your online business, which is inconvenient and expensive.

With Catchapp you can have everything in one place: sales CRM system, unlimited Video Calls, Billing (Invoices), Chat and much more.


What our happy clients say

Alice Swanson

remote Tutor


A pretty cool and new product with a modern approach. Unlike their well-known competitor, it has a way better speed, overall logic and bug-freeness. I use it to conduct math classes online . It is perfectly audible, it is easy to share a screen or share the access. I have everything I need in one place which is a huuuge plus.

Kathryn Jacob

Yoga Teacher


Great tool! I have been using it since December of last year. I like that they keep on adding new useful features and improvements. Works fast on my not-young laptop. Thanks to the developers! You guys rock!

Abbas M.

Remote Tutor


I tried this web app while working with a client of mine. We talked and worked for 5 hours straight with short breaks. In 5 hours, there wasn’t a single audio or video glitch. The picture of the shared screen is transmitted very clearly. I tried it just for the first time. I hope it won't disappoint me in the future.

Alex Deleuran

Remote Teacher


Thanks to the developers for this service. It helped us a lot during the months of quarantine, as it does now. Thank you especially for adding the ability for the host / co-host to raise their hand with the recent update.

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